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December 1, 2021

Data Dive: Superhuman tests our headcount accuracy


Working with superhuman

Everyone in tech knows that Superhuman is the email productivity tool. So we were thrilled when Superhuman approached Harmonic with interest in using our data platform to bolster their product..

The first discovery request? Testing our data accuracy.

If you're not familiar with Superhuman already, their email client supercharges daily email actions. Inherently, Superhuman has extensive access to organizational structures, including first-hand employee headcount. The Superhuman data team used a Harmonic sandbox to cross-verify our publicly-pulled headcount against other contenders.

We're proud to announce that we beat everyone in the line-up.

Who did they verify?

Superhuman made sure to sample companies across major industries and size categories to test the legitimacy of our data for their Harmonic use case. Their sampling distribution across company sizes:

  • 16% SMB Companies (<100 Employees)
  • 60% Mid-Market Companies (101-1,000 Employees)
  • 24% Enterprise Companies (>501 Employees)

How did Harmonic perform?

Superhuman's confirmed headcount vs. data platforms

Superhuman tested Harmonic against other enterprise data solutions, including D&B, ZoomInfo and Clearbit.

Out of the 3 competitors, we had the lowest error rates. And we beat the second-best by a factor of more than two.

On top of that, we were the only company that didn't have any missing headcount data.

Want to test our data?

Get our daily-updated database of formation, funding, hiring, and other company metrics into your CRM or system of record. Use our data engine to pull company info from the earliest stages.

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