Headcount, Funding, and Top Industries by US City

We used the Harmonic data engine to map out average headcount & funding totals for each city in the United States. Hover & search to find cities or states of interest, and view their median headcount, funding, and most popular industried.


Average Headcount vs. Median Funding in Top US Cities

Sixteen of the top fifty American cities are in California. The most popular cities overall are San Francisco and New York City, and they attract companies across a range of industries. However, certain cities attract large numbers of companies in specific niches like Robotics or AgTech.

Higher funding generally correlates with higher headcounts, except in industries like Nanotechnology, Biotech, and Medical Devices.

Biotech companies typically have seven-figure funding totals, but fewer than 16 employees. In contrast, Social / Civ / Gov Tech companies typically have upwards of 45 employees, but less than $1 million dollars in total funding on average.

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