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January 2, 2024

G2 & Harmonic data reveal top 10 AI startups to watch

Noor Hamouda

As the world’s largest software marketplace, G2 has a wealth of data depicting what’s happening across the B2B SaaS landscape. While buyers use some of this data to inform their purchasing decisions, investors also rely on our Data Solutions offering for real-time insights on which software companies and categories are emerging and trending – all based on actual buyer behavior and feedback.

Combining this proprietary G2 data with other insights and sources – like a company’s rapid headcount growth or strategic hires – provides helpful signals to guide software investment decisions. We partnered with Harmonic, the largest database of startups featuring millions of software companies, to analyze  the AI company landscape.

A data-driven view of the AI startup sector

To separate real signals from the noise in the hyped up AI sector, we recently worked with Harmonic to identify which AI startups are actually gaining traction in the market.  With each team bringing unique data points to the table, we’re able to provide a holistic view of which companies are emerging, trending, and growing.

To inform this list, Harmonic identified the 535 fastest-growing AI companies based in North America out of the 86,000 in its database, including those which met the following criteria:

  • Has an AI technology tag and AI-related keywords on its company website (e.g., LLM)
  • Has maintained or grown headcount
  • Has increasing website traffic
  • Received funding in last 12 months

Then, we enriched this list with G2 data to identify those with at least 15 verified user reviews on G2 that experienced the highest buyer intent visits (verified as in-market buyers according to firmographic data) over the past year.

Top 10 AI Startups in North America, according to G2 & Harmonic data

Through G2 and Harmonic’s joint data and analysis, the top 10 fastest-growing, trending AI startups based in North America are outlined below – along with key data points for each that speak to their rapid growth and traction among buyers.

*Refers to the % of buyer intent visits to this company from SMB, mid-size, and enterprise sized companies between Dec. 1, 2022 and Nov. 30, 2023. All other data points in the above chart from G2 and Harmonic are as of Dec. 11, 2023.

Thanks to Harmonic’s team for partnering with us to explore our datasets and see which AI startups came out on top, visit their site to learn more about their data. You can also learn more about G2 Data Solutions with a demo of our offering.

Noor Hamouda
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