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Today, is used by teams like Accel, YC, Valo, NEA, GV, and many more, to find and invest in the next world-changing startups.

Our team is backed by top-tier investors like Craft, Sozo, Floodgate, SOMA, Teamworthy, AVG and many others.

If you’re driven, curious, optimistic, and passionate about mastering your craft, we invite you to reach out!

What it is like to work
at Harmonic

Be customer obsessed
Everything we do flows backwards from the value for our customer. Without them, we don't exist.
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We trust that if we make the customer successful, we’ll be successful.

We strive to maximize the information flow from customers → engineering.

When we build new things, we ask ourselves: how many customers does this impact, how important is it to them, and how long will it take us? We strive to ship whatever matters most to them, fastest.

We strive to differentiate ourselves in our customer-facing roles. We are laser-focused on understanding their objectives, whether we can solve them, and how. When we can’t help solve them, we are clear and upfront with them about that.
We would rather lose deals than acquire unhappy customers that don’t stick with us. At times, this will impede a push at the end of the quarter; over the long term, it’s how you build a great business.

If it’s important to a customer, it’s exciting to us, and never beneath us.
Get shit done
A small focused team runs circles around thousands of rest and vest-ers.
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We believe small talented teams, with savvy and grit, can move mountains.

We take setbacks in stride, always focusing on the actions we can take to push things forward. Though when we ship big things and hit milestones, we take some time to savor what we’ve accomplished. :)

We trust each other. One cannot move at our speed without empowerment. We value the cycle of: act → fail or succeed → learn → improve → act.

We strive to assign directly responsible individuals (DRIs) to all of the items that need to be done. DRIs are based on who is closest to the context, and can deliver results, not seniority.
Where DRIs fall short, we require our indirectly responsible individuals (IRIs) who are dependent on their work to chip in, whether holding them accountable or picking up the slack.

At our speed, we’ll make more mistakes. We think mistakes are ok, provided we identify them quickly and adjust quickly.

We stretch people with ownership. You’ll be asked to do things that none of us have done before, and need to figure out the best path!
Continuously improve
We care less about who we are today and more about who we have the potential to become.
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We look for people who will have an incredible personal growth curve here, and who will help our organization grow, too. And we’ll give stretch roles where we think somebody has the commitment to become amazing.

Critiques of ideas or output are not critiques of the person, and we strive to not be attached to our ideas, or the things we’ve created. We encourage pushback from our teammates, and we’re deeply appreciative if they can help guide us on doing anything better.
When we slip up, we encourage people to completely forgive themselves, once they’ve figured out how to make less of the mistake in the future. And we expect all to extend the same charity to others.

Growth is hard work - as are most things worth doing. We tend to learn more from our failures than our successes, and spending time thinking about improvement can be uncomfortable. But if you join us on this journey, we know we‘ll all get so much better!


Perks that speak volumes

Competitive cash compensation
Top of the line health
Dental and vision insurance, with 100% premium covered.
401k matching
Generous vacation and sick leave
Hybrid work from offices in LA, SF and NYC
Plus regular meetups.

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Affordable, rich startup data

We are a hybrid workplace, with locations in the Bay Area, NYC and LA

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