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Case Study


Bedrock leverages Harmonic as a source-of-truth for sourcing


Bedrock is a technology investment firm that leads rounds in companies violating traditional narratives. Occasionally, the firm will lead rounds as early as pre-seed. Among other tactics, Bedrock leverages Harmonic’s suite of tools to quickly qualify and conduct research on leads.

Firm size







OpenAI, Rippling, Vercel, Flock Safety, Anduril, Mach Industries

Features used

Chrome Extension, Integrations, Console

Using Harmonic’s Chrome extension to qualify leads: “It’s now my default”

Company websites only tell a small part of the story, challenging investors like Ben who need comprehensive data to evaluate a company. Harmonic's Chrome extension streamlines this process for him, providing one-click instant insights, such as founding year, location, team growth, investors, and funding history. This information, he explained, “is typically fragmented across a wide range of sources and has to be pieced together.” Harmonic’s Chrome extension has become Ben’s “default tool when coming across a new business.” 

Automations allow Bedrock to stay up-to-date on deal flow

Ben discovers startups through various channels, noting that “finding leads isn't a science.” He uses Harmonic, therefore, not only to gain initial insights into companies, but also to save those companies in lists for easy future access. By integrating these lists with Slack alerts, he can stay updated on his personal pipeline while also monitoring new opportunities, thereby allowing him to “consistently stay in the information flow.” 

We now have this source-of-truth database of existing companies”

While the Chrome extension and Slack automation enable Bedrock to stay up-to-date on company signals, Ben also uses the platform to “discover great new companies.” By applying detailed filters like keywords and timeframes, Ben may identify opportunities that would otherwise be missed, positioning Harmonic as a crucial part of his sourcing stack.

If you’re interested in trying out the Harmonic Chrome Extension, we’d love to hear from you!

Lauren Shufran
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