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Harmonic puts the startup universe at your fingertips so you can discover and connect with better leads, faster.
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Alumni Venture Group
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Data that moves at the speed of startups

Harmonic's data engine provides insights into millions of startups & professionals, allowing you to identify opportunities using fresh company information.

One tool to find the right company at the right time

Identify second-time founders, high growth teams, recently funded companies, and hundreds of other datapoints – all in one platform.

Accurate headcount, funding, and company data -- wherever you work

Enrich  your CRM, Airtable, Data Warehouse, or internal systems, with our weekly updated headcount, funding, traction events, and more.

Put your alerts on autopilot

Stay up-to-date on company events by configuring notifications in Slack, email, or hundreds of other Apps using our API.

Our customers
love us

Cliff Worley, Kapor Capital
I've seen hundreds of data companies, this is next level.
Cyrus Shirazi, Meow Technologies
Harmonic's platform is second to none. They're a no-brainer for anyone looking to discover, work with, or invest in startups!
Brian Cashin, Teamworthy
The Harmonic platform has decisively enhanced my productivity.
James Underhill, MongoDB
Anyone selling enterprise software who hasn't realized the value of Harmonic's intent data is missing out on low hanging fruit.
Lotti Siniscalco, Emergence Capital
We used to run a manual process to understand funding rounds & company growth, Harmonic let us put that on autopilot.
Mike Maples, Floodgate
"Harmonic instantly turned Floodgate into a data-driven firm. Its automated tools have become fundamental to our sourcing and networking efforts."
Dave Fan, Alumni Ventures
"Harmonic batches are like Christmas gifts for VCs. We have sourced and closed several exciting investments from Harmonic leads in only a few months. Our entire team appreciates the detailed and synthesized data that can't be found anywhere else."
Jerry Lu, Maveron
Harmonic should be a part of every VC tech stack
Matt Casatelli, Superhuman
Harmonic's headcount data is the most accurate we've seen.

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$4000 off

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