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We’re on a mission to make startups discoverable

Our values

We believe that small, passionate, focused, talented teams can take down goliaths and put a dent in the universe. Your work here will truly matter; partially because we’re doing big things, but also because when you’re doing sweet stuff with a couple dozen people, every personal win and setback is shared.

Honestly, this isn’t for everyone. Life has trade-offs. Our values below guide how we operate, what we’d expect from you, and what you could expect from your team. If doing hard things and pushing your limits on growth and responsibility sounds fun, you probably owe it to yourself to chat with us and check out what we’re up to. ;)
👊  Value #1

Be customer obsessed

Everything we do flows backwards from the value for our customer. They are why we, as a company, exist. We trust that if we make them successful, we’ll be successful.

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💯 Value #2

Get shit done

We hold ourselves to a high standard. We own all of our actions and contributions to the organization. We believe small talented teams, with savvy and grit, can move mountains. We take setbacks in stride, always focusing on the actions we can take to push things forward. And when we ship big things and hit milestones, we take some time to savor what we’ve accomplished and celebrate the contribution.

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🔄 Value #3

Continuously improve

As individuals and a company, our goal is to be better every day. We’re always looking for that extra edge, something we can do better. We encourage pushback from our teammates, when we’re missing something in our thinking or approach. And we’re deeply appreciative if they can help guide us on doing anything better. We care less about who we are today and more about who we have the potential to become.

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Harmonic is on mission to make the startup universe discoverable.
Today, harmonic.ai is used by teams like Brex, Greylock, Index, a16z, MongoDB, Notion, and Bloomberg to connect startups with the capital and resources that they need to drive growth. Our team is backed by top-tier investors like Craft, Sozo, Floodgate, SOMA, Teamworthy, AVG and many others.
We believe a diverse and inclusive culture is fundamental to create a space of belonging and safety for all. If you’re driven, curious, optimistic, and passionate about mastering your craft, we invite you to reach out!