Sep 12, 2022

Harmonic is Net-Zero!


With the help of our friends at Bend we are tracking the carbon impact of everything we do by using our spending data to calculate the carbon emitted from each transaction.Harmonic is investing in cutting-edge carbon offset initiatives to be a Net-Zero company from August 2022 onwards.


Climate action is a journey and we don’t have all the solutions yet, but Harmonic is choosing to engage here because this is important rather than waiting on the sidelines.

We started with reducing emissions first. We’ve already made some climate-friendly decisions — as a remote-first company, we already have lower emissions than most companies. Also, we’re using selected vendors, like Google Cloud Platform, that are leading the charge on decarbonizing the cloud.

Of course it’s not possible for any business to operate 100% carbon-free today, and so we’re investing in frontier, tech-enabled carbon-removal solutions.


We are supporting two incredible projects to have real impact:

Charm Industrial

Literally puts oil back underground. Charm takes agricultural waste that would normally break down and give off their carbon, and instead converts that waste into bio-oil (through a chemical process called fast pyrolysis), sequestering the carbon, that they then pump underground. It is amongst the most provably additional and permanent solutions. This project has been selected by the smartest leaders on climate, including Stripe, Microsoft, and Block.

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Living Carbon

Living Carbon is developing trees that incorporate a photosynthesis enhancement, leading to up to 53% more biomass per tree. They’re backed by Sam Altman, Lowercarbon Capital, and others.

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Our offset portfolio nets out to $100 / tCO2e. This is absolutely world-class and market-leading — the average cost paid per tonne across the industry is $7, but those claims have been widely debunked as low-credibility (neither additional nor permanent). Harmonic is proud to be investing in net-zero-aligned frontier technologies that have the ability to scale.

To learn more about the specifics of our climate commitment please check out our profile on Bend.